jake brinks.

| Live in London |

Been spending my week chillin with a british bunch of brilliant musicians. (say that 10 times fast). Seriously so amazing to just dwell in this worship, and hear the voices of the UK Vineyard. Such a special blessing, to be a part even if the part is super small. Yup, I got roped in. Got a special tambourine part, I’m rock and roll baby. Can’t wait for God to enter the hearts of his people as we all come together in worship saturday night!

So I was praying the other day, and I swear God spoke with a British accent

| Awake My Soul |


"Welcome back home", a phrase that pops up as a greeting welcome more often than not. Being back in England, back in Nottingham, is unbelievably wonderful. Pushing through this past year has definitely been a ride. Not to say it hasn’t had its fair share of blessings, but there is something near and dear to my heart when it comes to this country and its people. Being back in the arms of my amazing british friends, hearing their lovely voices ring in the air even if it is to pick on my own accent feels so right. I let out a million sighs of relief as I walk back through the double doors of Trent Vineyard. Worship picks up right after I grab a hot coffee and things just feel so right, just like the first sunday I ever participated in. This is such a special place to me, a place that brings refreshment, and despite the cool wetness of England, a loving warmth. 

What a blessing.

Before coming here, I knew God wasn’t going to stop doing the work He’s doing in me even when I go on vacation, excuse me Holiday. Praying for clarity and for him to reveal more of his plan on whats next for me, because only He knows! I just know, I’m ready. Lets go.